Titan Anhänger Monument Plate mit Phoenix Design von Element of Gods
Monument Plate phoenix
Monument Plate phoenix
Titan Anhänger Monument Plate mit Phoenix Design getragen an flachem schwarzen Lederband
Titan Anhänger Monument Plate mit Phoenix Design getragen an geflochtener schwarzer Lederkette
Monument Plate phoenix
Titan Anhänger Monument Plate mit Phoenix Design in einem Etui

Monument Plate phoenix

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Features of the pendant:

Material: Pure titanium in implant quality, anti-allergenic, anti-corrosive, scratch-resistant, suitable for the sauna

Dimensions: 44 x 24 mm

Weight: 11g


The phoenix comes from egyptian mythology and describes a firebird whose flaming light vanishes at the end of its life cycle. However the bird rises again from its ashes and is reborn. A powerful symbol of strength and an analogy for new beginnings, hope and the cycle of life to which we are all subject. Set by us on a plate made of heat-resistant titanium, which should remind you never to give up and to lead your life courageously and confidently.

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Length and style of your leathercord

We offer 2 different options of leathercords, so that you can wear your piece of jewelry according to your personal preferrence.

Option A is a german made, vegetable dyed, flat, approximately 3mm thick and 70cm long leathercord, which you can adjust easily with sliding knots. This cord rubs off in the beginning, which is why you should give it a proper washing before you wear it. It can generally be worn in the water, so that your new piece of jewelry can accompany you on every adventure! The more you wear it, the more patina this band will develope, which gives it a wild character over time.

Option B is a neatly braided, round leathercord, with a bayonet lock. It has a diameter of 3mm and can be closed securely. With this variant you can choose a length between 45 to 70 cm. It is perfect for you, if you prefer a clean even more classy style. 

For Option B, if in doubt, you should add 5cm, to ensure, that you can wear your necklace in your preferred length, as the chain will be shortened due to the lacing through the eyelet of the pendant! 

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