Schwarzes flaches Lederband pflanzlich auf Wasserbasis gegerbt
Schwarzes flaches Lederband getragen von einem Model

Adjustable leather cord (100 cm total)

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Our classic style! A black, 100cm long, flat leather strap with 3,5mm x 2,5mm width. This german made, vegetable and water-based dyed leather strap is of high quality and very skin-friendly. You can adjust or customize the strap using different methods, such as a classic sliding knot, or whatever else your creativity brings forth. Due to the manufacturing process, the band can still stain at the beginning, which is why you should first rinse it properly with lukewarm water. Generally, it can also be worn during aquatic activities, so that your jewelry can accompany you on all adventures! The more and longer you wear it, the more patina the band develops, which gives it a characteristic, wild look after some time.

In this picture our model Andre is wearing a time-tested leather strap which shows its wild style. Perfect if you love patina and want to create a rugged statement with your look!

The hand axe pendant is not included in this offer.

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