Titan Anhänger mit eigener Gravur Option 5 – Element of Gods
Pendant with custom engraving option 5
Pendant with custom engraving option 5
Pendant with custom engraving option 5
Pendant with custom engraving option 5
Pendant with custom engraving option 5

Pendant with custom engraving option 5

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  • Einzigartige Optik aus Rein-Titan
  • Kleine Manufaktur im Schwarzwald
  • Beste Hautverträglichkeit
  • Kundefürsorge und hohe Qualität
  • Geschenk mit individueller Gravur

  • Lieferzeit: 1-3 Tage, kostenloser Versand in DE

Important information:

Generally, the fronts of most of our pendants can be designed with custom laser engravings. The offers in this category are for ordering the appropriate version for the particular item after negotiating the price and specifying the design. No matter what questions you have about the different engraving options, prices, your logo design or the process of making your individual piece of jewelry, you can get in touch with us directly through our contact form. We're looking forward to hearing about your idea!

Possibilities of customization:

The sample image is a spontaneous snapshot of a customer request and serves only to illustrate what is possible in this price category. An additional back engraving with about 4 lines and 12 characters each is possible aswell, but we are always willing to fulfill your wishes if you would like something different.

Length and style of your leathercord

We offer 2 different options of leathercords, so that you can wear your piece of jewelry according to your personal preferrence.

Option A is a german made, vegetable dyed, flat, approximately 3mm thick and 70cm long leathercord, which you can adjust easily with sliding knots. This cord rubs off in the beginning, which is why you should give it a proper washing before you wear it. It can generally be worn in the water, so that your new piece of jewelry can accompany you on every adventure! The more you wear it, the more patina this band will develope, which gives it a wild character over time.

Option B is a neatly braided, round leathercord, with a bayonet lock. It has a diameter of 3mm and can be closed securely. With this variant you can choose a length between 45 to 70 cm. It is perfect for you, if you prefer a clean even more classy style. 

For Option B, if in doubt, you should add 5cm, to ensure, that you can wear your necklace in your preferred length, as the chain will be shortened due to the lacing through the eyelet of the pendant!