Einzelner Titan Ohrstecker mit blauem Topas
Ein Paar Titan Ohrstecker mit blauen Topasen
Titan Ohrstecker mit blauem Topas am Ohr eines Models

Stud earrings with blue topaz as pair or single piece

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Material: Made of anti-allergenic, anti-corrosive, sauna-proof titanium, genuine topaz.

Size: stud earrings: 5 x 5mm, gemstones: 3.5mm diameter


These highly polished stud earrings feature genuine blue topaz set into them, making them a classy yet subtle accessory for special occasions. Their featherlight weight and optimal skin compatibility also make them very comfortable to wear. Perfect if you want to cut a shining figure with ease!

Each gemstone is unique, which is why it may happen that colors and shine vary a little compared to the product images. Thus, your new piece of jewelry is unique.

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