Titan Faustkeil Anhänger Wolf – Element of Gods
Faustkeil Titan Anhänger mit Wolf Design von Element of Gods
Hand axe wolf
Faustkeil Titan Anhänger mit Wolf Design getragen an flachem schwarzen Lederband
Faustkeil Titan Anhänger mit Wolf Design getragen an geflochtener schwarzer Lederkette
Hand axe wolf
Faustkeil Titan Anhänger mit Wolf Design in einem Etui

Hand axe wolf

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  • Einzigartige Optik aus Rein-Titan
  • Kleine Manufaktur im Schwarzwald
  • Beste Hautverträglichkeit
  • Kundefürsorge und hohe Qualität
  • Geschenk mit individueller Gravur

  • Lieferzeit: 1-3 Tage, kostenloser Versand in DE

Features of the pendant:

Material: pure titanium in implantat- quality, anti- allergenic, anti- corrosive, scratchresistent, suitable for the sauna

Dimensions: 40 x 26 x 5 mm

Weight: 12g


The wolf has always been symbol of strength for people of different cultures. In Norse mythology, for example, we find the Fenris wolf, which is said to devour the earth on Ragnarok, the day of the end of the world, jaswell as his children Skalli and Hati, who chase the sun and moon around the earth. In general, the wolf is often associated with loyalty to its pack, strength, cleverness and a will of its own. Whether you are affectionate to the wolf for historical or symbolic reasons, this pendant was created to give you strength and confidence, even while you are separated from your pack! 

Important for your order!

Back with laser engraving

With the engraving editor we would like to give you the opportunity to design your own personal engraving. However, we would like to point out that the font should not be too small: The larger the letters, the better the readability.

The text fields are designed very precisely and texts are automatically centered. We still allow ourselves a minimum of artistic freedom to ensure the best possible position, size and readability for you, according to your specifications.

Pendants with personalized back engraving are, as usual with personalized products, excluded from return and exchange.

Length and style of your leathercord

We offer 2 different options of leathercords, so that you can wear your piece of jewelry according to your personal preferrence.

Option A is a german made, vegetable dyed, flat, approximately 3mm thick and 70cm long leathercord, which you can adjust easily with sliding knots. This cord rubs off in the beginning, which is why you should give it a proper washing before you wear it. It can generally be worn in the water, so that your new piece of jewelry can accompany you on every adventure! The more you wear it, the more patina this band will develope, which gives it a wild character over time.

Option B is a neatly braided, round leathercord, with a bayonet lock. It has a diameter of 3mm and can be closed securely. With this variant you can choose a length between 45 to 70 cm. It is perfect for you, if you prefer a clean even more classy style. 

For Option B, if in doubt, you should add 5cm, to ensure, that you can wear your necklace in your preferred length, as the chain will be shortened due to the lacing through the eyelet of the pendant! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Silvia Eibel
Faustkeil mit Wolf 🐺

Sieht supi aus gefällt mir sehr gut ist ein Geschenk für meinen Sohn hoffe es gefällt ihm auch..noch eins habe auch Mal in VS gewohnt 🥰🤩

Dr.Hartmut Wolf
Wolf - Faustkeil

Alles zufriedenstellend.

P. Z.
Faustkeil Anhänger

Die Lieferung erfolgte recht schnell.
Die Verpackung ist absolut ausreichend und nicht übertrieben. Der Anhänger durch eine Schaumstoffeinlage, in die er eingehängt ist, gut geschützt.
Der Anhänger selbst ist total sauber verarbeitet und nirgendwo scharfgratig. Die Gravur ist exakt ausgeführt. Durch das Titan dermaßen leicht, dass man ihn beim Tragen nicht spürt.
Alles in allem ein absolut wertiges Schmuckstück.

Frank Dorr
Qualitaet und Innovation

Sehr gute Qualitaet, Produktidee und innovatives Design machen den Unterschied

Karl Schwind

Schnelle Lieferung, Produkt so wie abgebildet. Bin mehr als zufrieden!!