Einzelne Titan Creole mit feingehämmerter Struktur
Ein Paar Titan Creolen mit feingehämmerter Struktur
Titan Creole mit feingehämmerter Struktur am Ohr eines Models

Creole fine hammered as pair or single piece

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Material: Made of anti-allergenic, anti-corrosive, sauna grade titanium.

Dimensions: inner diameter: 9.5mm, outer diameter: 14mm, width: 2mm


Here we offer you finely hammered, narrow hoop earrings with highly polished sides. The hammering creates a beautiful, unique structure that shimmers and shines in many different facets, giving the earrings an exciting look despite their discreet size. Due to the lightweight material, these design pieces are comfortable to wear and can be perfectly combined with both casual and formal outfits. So that you are already equipped with the right accessories even for spontaneous wardrobe changes!

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