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Titan Panzerkette mit Thor Hammer Anhänger
Titan Panzerkette mit Thor Hammer Anhänger getragen von einem Model

Titanium curb chain

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  • Einzigartige Optik aus Rein-Titan
  • Kleine Manufaktur im Schwarzwald
  • Beste Hautverträglichkeit
  • Kundefürsorge und hohe Qualität
  • Geschenk mit individueller Gravur

  • Lieferzeit: 1-3 Tage

Product Information:

Dimensions: 4.5mm wide x 2.5mm thick, lobster clasp, suitable for pendants with eyelet size of at least 5mm

This titanium necklace is the perfect addition for our Thor hammer amulet. It is lightweight, anti-corrosive, anti-allergenic and has a beautiful satin finish. Here you can choose from different lengths to suit your personal taste. 

The Thor hammer is not included in this offer!