Titan das Element der Götter entdecken – Element of Gods

Titanium- the element of the gods

Titanium deserves the designation "element of the gods" not only because its name comes from the title for the ancient Greek deity, but also because of its epic properties. It is a forward-looking material that has various uses in medical-, aerospace- and aeronautical engineering, drives our progress and is also perfectly suited for many everyday gadgets due to its light weight and extreme resilience. The element also offers a number of advantages for jewelry making that no other material known to mankind has in this particular combination. It is resistant like steel, featherlight like aluminum and as anti-allergenic and skin-friendly as the precious metals gold, platinum and silver. In addition, titanium has an extreme resistance to corrosion, chemical influences, physical force or environmental influences. This makes your piece of jewelry a reliable companion for your entire life.

Through various surface refinements using the latest technology, combined with precise craftsmanship, it also offers an exciting, unique design alternative to common jewelry on the market.

We have fallen in love with this unique material and are convinced: it combines the most valuable properties from all areas of metal processing. An element worthy of the gods!